Don't wash your clothes out: the washing machine is worse set up

- Apr 18, 2018-

Wash down jacket do not dehydrate too quicklyIt is often reported that the washing machine exploded and the down jacket exploded.In fact, most of the reasons are due to washing process errors or down jacket material.Generally speaking, normal washing does not cause down jacket to explode or open, most of the reason is due to dehydration speed is too fast, if dehydration rate of more than 1200, part of the down jacket material due to high speed rotation will lead to down burst open.

Special clothing to be washed separatelyMany clothes of special material are not suitable for machine washing, even if they can be machine washed, they need to be washed separately.At present the market for silk wool clothing has a special washing procedures users should pay special attention to washing such clothing as far as possible to separate washing.

Do not boil wool chemical fiber at high temperatureMany washing machines can adjust the water temperature, but not all clothes can be washed at high temperatures.Such as wool, chemical fiber and other clothing can not be washed at high temperature, so when washing clothes, must check the laundry logo.

Laundry is not as fast as possibleAt present, many washing machines have the function of quick washing. The advantage of this function is to reduce the number of times of washing, dehydration and speed up the washing time.However, for some clothing, it takes a long time to break up stains, not all clothes are suitable for fast washing mode.