Washing machine precautions

- Oct 15, 2018-

1. Use a three-phase grounding socket to ensure reliable grounding, to ensure that the cabinet does not have static electricity, and to prevent electric shock when there is a fault or leakage.

2. When placing the washing machine, adjust the knob to level the washing machine and place it on a solid floor to prevent the washing machine from vibrating. And do not put it in a damp place such as a bathroom or a place that may be exposed to rain to avoid electric leakage.

3. Please confirm whether the clothes are suitable for machine washing before washing. Please take out the metal items such as coins and keys in the machine pocket for machine washing to avoid damage to the clothes or scratching the machine, causing unnecessary trouble.

4. Wash the easily faded clothes separately to avoid dyeing other clothes.

5. After the laundry is finished, please close the faucet to prevent the water pressure from being too large and the water pipe to burst. At the same time, please open the door of the washing machine to avoid the bacteria in the inner bucket.

6. After 2-3 times of washing, please clean the filter and remove the lint or falling foreign matter with water.

7. The drum inside the washing machine that has just been unpacked has a trace of water, which is caused by the addition of a water test machine before leaving the factory. This is a normal phenomenon.

8. Shake the inner barrel, the sound of water flow is normal, it is the sound of the liquid balance liquid in the inner barrel.

9. Please wipe with a soft cloth. If it is particularly dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in neutral soap or soapy water. Use a thinner, kerosene, alcohol, etc.

10. The washing machine should be placed in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. It should not be placed in a damp place such as a bathroom. Never wash it with water to prevent unsafe accidents from entering the electrical components.

11. Do not stack heavy objects and hot items on the cover of the washing machine.

12. Do not wash clothing with volatile substances. Do not place flammable substances such as gasoline and alcohol near the washing machine to avoid fire.

13. Do not touch the running dewatering bucket. Even if the bucket runs very slowly, it will be dangerous. Pay special attention to the child.

14. Whether the outer casing is scratched or scratched, and the plastic parts are warped.

15. Connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, and perform the test run of each program according to the instructions on the manual to see if the operation is stable, whether the cylinder is knocked during dehydration, and whether the sound vibration is abnormal.

16. Drain pipe, power cord is installed firmly, intact, and accessories are complete.