Look and know what troubles you'll have to get a washing machine

- Mar 29, 2018-

the troubles of an online washing machine .

In view of the problem of the online purchase of the washing machine , we will select the " Poor Evaluation " complaint of the net friend on the Internet to answer . Follow our steps to see which questions are worth your attention ?

A : The noise is too loud , as if I bought a defective product ?


For washing machine noise greater annoyance, we can first check its instructions, to see whether its noise conforms to the national standards (do not know can also find the relevant standards on the Internet, whether there is a virtual standard phenomenon;

Second, for the washing machine, generally there are four transport bolts on the back or bottom, once not removed, it will cause the washing machine to shake violently or produce noise. So, we can see if it has been removed for noise removal;

Finally, the unadjusted balance of the bottom foot of the washing machine also produces sloshing and noise, so we can also check and eliminate the possibility of noise.

A laundry and quiet washing machine is a good washing machine, if the check is completed, still noise, please immediately official customer service!!!

Worry two: dehydration repeated, the key is not off the water?


For dehydration repeated, dehydration is not complete phenomenon, we can first check whether the washing machine lid is completely closed, if the lid is not completely closed, it may cause travel switch contact and repeat this action;

Second, for some washing machines, too little clothing or uneven clothing inside can also cause clothes to deviate from the center when dehydrated, resulting in uneven perception of dynamic balance and inability to reach high speeds. Continuous dehydration procedures. Appropriate clothing attempts can be added;

Finally, check whether the bottom foot of the washing machine is horizontal. Once tilted, the inner cylinder center is not on the motor shaft, so it can not guarantee normal dehydration.

Of course, if the inspection cannot be resolved, then we can directly lodge official complaints and safeguard our rights and interests without delay!!!

Trouble 3: can't dry function be connected with WiFi?


In the Age of Wisdom, washing machines came with drying features and WIFI connections that pleased many consumers. But when it comes to washing machines that don't have a good wifi connection, are they particularly regretful at this point?

For washing machines such as drying or intelligent WIFI, some washing machines are not particularly convenient to use.

So, when it comes to this kind of annoyance, we can first look at the instructions and follow the instructions to see if they work properly. If part of the washing machine is in dry mode, Also need to long by setting the key can;

Secondly, if the setting is correct, drying function can not be used normally, at this time we should contact the official customer service, ask the solution to this situation!

Finally, the solution is the same as the drying function for those with WIFI function but can not be connected.

Because of the current more avant-garde design functions are gradually joined, the operation is cumbersome or incomplete functions have occurred from time to time, we should be timely and customer service in the use of communication!!!

Trouble number four: there is water in the washing machine, probably second-hand?


Is it normal to have water in the washing machine?

In response to this question, Inspector Ben tells you, whether it's a laptop or a household appliance such as a washing machine, it will be tested when you leave the factory, just like when you buy a new laptop online. You will find that the hard drive has been run, the washing machine will also be tested on the factory, so it should be normal to see a small amount of water.

Of course, if, in addition to a small amount of water, you also find serious plug use marks, or the inside of the tube, such as dirt residue phenomenon, you should immediately consult the official customer service, perhaps the product is returned to the "second-hand" product!


With the arrival of the young trend, home appliances online shopping has gradually become a trend, bringing us a lot of convenience in life. However, online shopping is very easy, but in the process there will always be product quality, after-sale, installation, use and other related problems. Became an online shopping annoyance.

Don't be upset about online shopping. When we encounter more or less such problems, the first thing we have to do is to respond to the relevant brand after sale or customer service in a timely manner, with the option of returning the goods immediately within the time limit allowed for return. To ensure that your legitimate rights and interests are not compromised. Moreover, in the process of encounter arbitrary charges can completely choose not to pay or complain.

The problem of online shopping has been known, this inspector today for you to reveal the troubles of the washing machine online shopping, pay attention to, in order to get a high-quality online shopping experience. Of course, no matter what problems encountered in life online shopping, The most important point is communication. Only through patient communication with merchants or sales platforms can we safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.