The washing machine is dehydrated and the noise is not too small.

- Jul 24, 2018-

Recently, the automatic washing machine of Mr. Wang’s home is working normally, but when the “dehydration” function is used, the washing machine will make a “beep” sound. Mr. Wang quickly rushed into the service hotline of the Jinling Evening News to consult the "cause" of the washing machine. After the washing machine maintenance expert understands the situation, the reason for the sound of the washing machine may be that there is a foreign object inside the machine, or the clutch is aging. It is best to find a professional maintenance personnel to go to the door for repair in time, otherwise the motor will be damaged.

Many people think that the motor is the main core of the washing machine. In fact, the clutch is the "heart" of the washing machine. The existence of the clutch can realize the conversion of the two states of washing and dehydration, which is essential for the fully automatic washing machine. Therefore, once the washing machine has abnormal noise, the user must pay attention to it, so as not to cause a minor illness.

If the body emits a "beep" sound during the washing, it is mostly caused by a collision between the washing tub and the outer casing, or the unevenness of the ground placed in the washing machine. At this point, the user needs to adjust the center of the washing machine and place it smoothly to solve it.

If the "giggle" friction sounds when washing, the user can put in the water and leave the clothes for self-test. At this time, if there is still a "giggle" friction sound when the pulsator rotates, this means that the pulsator rotates with the bottom of the tub. The key cause of noise is the loosening of the pulsator screw. The solution is to first remove the pulsator and then add a gasket of appropriate thickness at the bottom end of the shaft to increase the gap between the pulsator and the bottom of the barrel to eliminate collision or friction between the two. If the outer ring of the pulsator touches the washing tub, the pulsator should be removed and refitted before being installed.