The usage method of AUX washing Machine

- Mar 13, 2018-

(1)Plug in the power plug, put down or connect the drain pipe, open the tap water tap, insert the laundry powder and additives (softener, bleach, etc.) into the washing machine, and close the cover of the machine;

(2) pressing the power switch, selecting a good water level according to the number of clothes washed, and selecting a good procedure according to the specific conditions such as the dirty line degree and the material of the washing clothes.

(3) pressing the "start / pause" button, the washing machine starts to work;

4) the buzzer will beep after the work of the selected program is completed;

After work, turn off the power switch, pull the plug out of the socket, turn off the tap tap, open the hood, remove the washing clothes, clean the filterfilter bag and dry the washing machine.

In addition, the following points must be noted during use:

(1)When "washing" or "rinsing" procedure is selected, the corrugated wheel will not operate until the selected water level;

(2)In dehydration procedures, the machine cover must be closed, and not to open the cover from time to time. 

(3) must never use the hand contact washing bucket, so as not to involve the hands, dangerous;(4)Never wash or dehydrate clothing containing volatile substances (solvents, alcohol, etc.) to avoid accidents;

(5) when dehydration is out of balance, the computer automatic washing machine can correct the imbalance of dehydration. If the imbalance is not solved after two corrections, it will stop and report to the police. At this time, the cover should be opened and the clothes squeezed to one side should be placed evenly. Then close the cover, press the "start / pause" button can be;

(6)When hot water is used, hot water above 50 ℃ can not be used, and water splashing control panel should not be used to prevent internal electrical parts from burning due to water soaking.

(7)Before washing, check whether there are any sundries such as match sticks, hairpins or coins in the washing clothes. If so, remove them all.