The little-known history of washing machines

- Mar 19, 2018-

Washing clothes has been an inescapable domestic task from ancient to present, and before the advent of washing machines, laundry for many people was repeated, simple manual work, The impression is toil. Since the birth of the washing machine, let people get rid of the constraints of domestic work. For this good helper who freed us from fire and water, how many diachronic secrets we do not know?

In 1858, an American named Hamilton Smith made the world's first washing machine in Pittsburgh.

In 1874, the "handwash era" was an unprecedented challenge, American Bill Blacks invented a wooden hand washing machine.

In 1880, steam washing machines appeared again in the United States, and steam power began to replace manpower.

In 1910, Fisher of the United States successfully piloted the world's first electric washing machine in Chicago.

In 1922, Matayag changed the washing machine's washing structure, changed the drag type to the stirring type, fixed the washing machine's structure, which was the birth of the first agitation washing machine.

In 1932, Bendx Airlines announced that it had developed its first front-mounted drum washing machine, washing, rinsing, and dehydrating in the same drum.

In 1937, the first automatic washing machine came out.

In 1955, on the basis of the introduction of British jet flow washing machine, Japan developed a unique style, and the popular wave wheel washing machine.

In 60s, two-barrel washing machines with dry buckets appeared in Japan, known as semi-automatic washing machines.

In 70s, the production of wave-type barrel automatic washing machine.

In late 70s, the automatic washing machine controlled by computer (actually microprocessor) was introduced in Japan, which opened a new stage in the history of washing machine development.

In 80s, the application of fuzzy control made the washing machine easier to operate, more complete, more satisfactory laundry procedures, more stylish appearance.

In 90s, due to the improvement of motor speed regulation technology, the washing machine realized a wide range of speed conversion and regulation, and many new water washing machines were born.