Safety advice: what to do with a separate plug base for the washing machine

- Apr 04, 2018-

1.Do not overload power consumption, if the power load exceeding the specified capacity, should apply to the power supply department for additional capacity; air conditioning, oven and other large capacity power equipment should use a dedicated line. 2.To select qualified appliances, do not buy cheap use of fake appliances, wires, wire slot (tube, switch, plug, socket, etc.Do not privately or invite unqualified decoration team and personnel to lay wires and install electrical equipment, installation, repair appliances to find qualified units and personnel. 4.Do a good grounding protection for the metal shell of the earthing appliance. Do not forget to install the ground wire to the three-eye socket, the socket box; do not change the three-eye plug into the two-eye plug at will. 5.To choose fuse wire suitable for wire load, do not arbitrarily add coarse fuse wire, copper wire, iron wire, aluminum wire instead of fuse wire. 6.No wet hands, wet cloth wipes the charged lamp, switches and sockets, etc.