Where does the smell come from?The secret of washing machine cleaning and disinfection

- Apr 06, 2018-

Why does it smell?The inner cylinder of an ordinary washing machine looks very clean at first glance, but there is a sleeve between the inner cylinder and the fuselage, and the washing water flows back and forth between the two layers.If you pull the sleeve out, you can see the dirt in the interlayer is very serious.For the drum washing machine, the dirt problem is more serious than the wave washing machine because the whole washing process is only 6.5-7.5 kg of water and can be heated.

The dirt is made up of the scale in tap water, the free matter of washing powder, the cellulose of clothing, the organic matter of the human body and the dust and bacteria brought by clothing. It is firmly attached to the interlayer of the washing machine, propagating at room temperature, fermenting and producing a mildew.Contaminate clothes.

Daily nursing is indispensableTo reduce the odour of washing machines, the most important thing is to keep the washing machines clean and dry, leaving bacteria safe from hiding.First: do not immediately close the washing machine cover after each wash, but let the inside bucket naturally dry;Second: collect the small bag of fine furry hair in the washing machine also want to clean in time, had better take out after washing clothes every time wash, dry, do not accumulate a lot of dirt to clean only after, because that can breed germs.

How to deal with odourFirst, clean up the washing machine regularly.Brush the washing machine with a soft cloth, brush the toothbrush, and dry it with a soft cloth.Secondly, sterilize in time.We can use vinegar instead of cleaning agent, vinegar has germicidal effect, the vinegar dip on the cloth, clean the washing machine inside the slot, when meet the narrow groove, can use cotton stick dip vinegar clean.