Practical stingy trick: how to use the washing machine the most economical?

- Apr 23, 2018-

Soak before washing Soak in washing powder water for more than 10 minutes before washing, so detergent decontamination molecules will better penetrate into stubborn stains, and then wash quickly with washing machine, can not only save water, electricity, but also save the waiting time.

Selection of low foam detergents It is best to choose laundry liquid because of its high-tech liquid formula, low alkalinity, mild performance, low foam and easy to rinse. Reduce the frequency of rinsing, save water and electricity. The same dress, if washed with washing powder, must be rinsed eight times before it can be thoroughly washed, and if the detergent is used, the efficiency will be greatly improved.

Separate color washing of clothes Washing clothes from shallow to deep can not only reduce the trouble of discoloration and dyeing, but also save water resources. After all, summer clothes are not very dirty, so they save more water than throwing them all in the washing machine.

Clothing reuse (top priority) When the clothes are finally dumped, if there is any more to wash, the dehydrated water can be collected in a large container, because the water is clean, so it can continue to be used as washing water for washing clothes.