Master these washing machines and make it easy to clean up summer clothes

- Apr 02, 2018-

Methods / steps

1When the "washing" or "rinsing" procedure is selected, the corrugated wheel will not operate until the selected water level;

(2) during dehydration procedures, the machine cover must be closed and the lid should not be opened frequently.Never contact with your hand to wash the bucket, so as not to involve your hands and cause danger.Never wash or dehydrate clothing containing volatile substances to avoid accidents;

When dehydration is out of balance, the computer automatic washing machine can correct the imbalance of dehydration. If the imbalance is not solved after two corrections, it will stop and report to the police. At this time, the cover should be opened and the clothes squeezed to one side should be placed evenly.Close the cover again and press the "start / pause" button; when using hot water, do not use hot water above 50 ℃, and be careful not to splash water on the control panel so as not to burn down the internal electrical parts due to water.Before washing, check whether there are any sundries such as match sticks, hairpins or coins in the washing clothes. If so, remove them all. When the temperature is very low, the washing machine is prone to freeze. In this case, apply warm water below 50 ℃ to soak for a period of time.When the water temperature is low, the washing powder is difficult to dissolve. At this time, use a small amount of warm water to dissolve and then pour into the washing machine.

It is best to use centralized washing for laundry.That is, a bucket of detergent washing several consecutive batches of clothes, laundry powder can be added appropriately.All washed and then floated one by one.In this way, it can save electricity, water, washing powder and laundry time.

Water reuse.When the clothes are finally dumped, if there is any more to wash, the dehydrated water can be collected in a large container, because the water is clean, so it can continue to be used as washing water for washing clothes.

Dehydration time is not long.When the washing machine is dehydrated, the rotary speed of the drum is about 1200 rpm, and the dehydration rate can reach 50%, which can be dehydrated for 3 minutes.Over time, the effect of dehydration will not be much different.And dehydration at high speed for a long time will waste electricity.