Home Appliances Red Book: 99% of people don't know how to use a washing Machine

- Mar 26, 2018-

A survey shows that if washing machines are not cleaned for long periods of time, the bacteria in the washing machines will proliferate, especially mold, which can cause certain skin diseases and have a great impact on children, pregnant women and other people. You know what to do? The Red Book of Home Appliances-99% of the people who used the washing machine didn't know it.

Many people use clothing disinfectant when washing clothes, but the washing machine itself is not disinfected, especially the dirt accumulated in the interlayer of the washing machine can breed mold. The consequences of clothes washed out in this situation are naturally unpredictable.

The easiest way to prevent the washing machine from producing mold is to take the clothes out and dry them immediately after washing. Don't wash them and keep them in the washing machine.

In addition, be sure to drain out the water in the washing machine, then rinse it with clear water and then dry it, and then dry the washing machine to dry the barrel and then cover the washing machine. The drum washing machine should dry the water embedded in the washer at the door. Avoid mildew. It should be noted that washing machines should be kept in wet bathrooms as far as possible.

Of course, washing machine or regular cleaning, when cleaning, had better choose some of the more mild nature of disinfection cleaners, so stainless steel barrel will not cause corrosion, it is recommended to clean once a month.