Make up for the lack of washing machine, teach you to remove stubborn stains!

- Jun 21, 2018-

  1. white vinegar

The neckline of a white shirt is the easiest to turn yellow and scrub with detergent. Others have been in the closet for a long time, out of a hair of old color. At this time, with the detergent, pour a small cup of white vinegar, static for 15 minutes, and then wash, so white as the new clothes!

2. Lemon

There are some stubborn stains, no matter how hard you scrub, the stains are still there. What do you do? Lemon and water can help you out! Boil lemon slices in water and soak clothes in lemonade for 15 minutes. After taking out the clothes not only white as new, but also with a taste of lemon 

3. Salt

Besides seasoning, salt is also a super stain cleaner. Especially to deal with greasy food printing, a move can be done! Cover the grease with salt, wait for the salt to absorb, and brush off the salt gently, and the clothes will look new!

4 . Milk

For teachers, student party, there will always be clothes signed pen, steel strokes. What's going to happen here? At this time, ah, milk can play its role by heating and boiling the milk, wiping it with cotton, and removing the handwriting stains on the clothes. There is also a hint of milk, with clean clothes, there is a youth campus idol drama feeling?