Little knowledge of washing machines

- Mar 23, 2018-

Most of today's washing machines are divided into drum washing machines and bobbin washing machines. The washing machines are originated in Europe and are designed to mimic the principle of hammering clothing with rods. The drum washing machines are made of stainless steel inner drums and mechanical program controllers. After phosphating, electrophoretic, sprayed triple protective shells, and a number of bulky cement blocks used to balance the huge centrifugal force generated when the drum rotates, Combined with washing powder and water, the clothes are washed clean. The bottom of the wavy washing machine is equipped with a disk corrugated wheel with a bulging rib on it. Driven by the wavy wheel, the current in the barrel forms a swirl that is sometimes right-handed and sometimes left-handed. Drive the fabric to rotate and roll, so that the dirt from the clothes can be removed.

The wave wheel type washing machine is one kind of washing machine, driven by the motor to drive the wave wheel to rotate, the clothing continuously rolls up and down with the water. There are several kinds of washing clothes: single barrel, sleeve, double bucket. Its structure is relatively simple, the maintenance is convenient, the washing rate is high, But with the development of science and technology, a new water washing machine with large wave wheel, concave wave wheel and so on has appeared. The advantage is that the clothing is less wound, the uniform rate of washing is low; the cylinder body of washing cylinder has full plastic. Four categories of enamel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The working principle of the wave wheel washing machine: depending on the positive and negative rotation of the wave wheel mounted at the bottom of the laundry bucket, the clothes are driven up and down to and from side to side, so as to make the clothes between clothes and between the clothes and the wall of the barrel. Soft friction in water, under the action of detergent to achieve decontamination cleaning.