Introduction to washing Machine knowledge

- Mar 08, 2018-

I. Classification of washing machines


Classification according to the principle of structure

The common washing machine has three types: drum type, agitation type, wave wheel type, etc.


A cylindrical barrel with a horizontal sink for washing liquid, with a rotatable, porous inner cylinder in which clothes are washed and placed in a porous hole.

In the cylinder, the motor drives the inner cylinder to make positive and negative rotation, so that the clothes are constantly slammed in the washing solution, turned over to achieve the purpose of washing.


Agitator. The machine is a vertical bucket with no vertical shaft in the center of the barrel and a stirring wing on which it rotates or alternates between positive and negative

Rotate and swing and turn over the water and clothing, so that the clothes in the barrel and friction, so as to achieve the purpose of washing.


wave wheel type. The washing container is a vertical bucket, and a wave wheel is arranged at the center of the bottom of the bucket or slightly off the center of the bucket, and with the help of the rotation of the wave wheel, the washing liquid forms eddy current in the barrel, driving the clothes to rotate and turn to achieve the purpose of washing.


Classification by washing function

Generally divided into popular type, semi-automatic type, automatic type .


Universal. A generic term for a single-barrel washing machine without dehydration. Most of these washing machines are equipped with timing switches that can be used during washing and rinsing

Control the intermittent positive turn and reverse of the wave wheel or drum, and can automatically stop at the selected washing and rinsing time.


Semi-automatic. It is usually double-simplified and consists of two parts of washing machine and dehydrating machine. It is a whole with washing, rinsing and dehydration

Function, but the clothes should be taken out by hand and put into the dehydration machine. In addition to the washing machine, the washing machine is equipped with a timing switch for washing and removal

The current domestic double-barrel washing machines are of this type, because they are only one more dehydrated power supply than the single-barrel universal type.

Therefore, it is also known as the double bucket popularizing type, to distinguish it from the single bucket popularizing type.


Fully automatic. For single barrel type, washing, rinsing, and dehydration are carried out in a single barrel, except for the removal of clothing, as long as the required work is done

Program, adjust the position of the control button, water, washing, rinsing, dehydration, drainage are automatic.