Introduction to the principle of popularizing Household Appliances knowledge of various washing machines

- Mar 22, 2018-

Classification by degree of automation of washing machines

1, ordinary washing machine: washing, rinsing, dehydration of all functions of the operation requires manual conversion. This washing machine is simple, cheap, less land, easy to move. It is equipped with a timer, Washing and rinsing time can be selected according to the dirty degree of clothing, reaching the scheduled time, you can stop automatically. There are two kinds of common washing machine: single barrel and double barrel. The washing machine without dehydration device needs to be dried manually after washing.

2, semi-automatic washing machine: in washing, rinsing and dehydration functions, the conversion of any two of the functions can be performed automatically without manual operation. It is generally composed of two parts: the laundry system and the dehydration system. The common washing machine is double barrel semi-automatic washing machine. Washing and rinsing procedures can be completed in the laundry bucket at the scheduled time, but not dehydrated automatically. The clothes need to be taken out of the laundry barrel by hand and dumped in the dehydrator.

3, automatic washing machine: washing, rinsing, dehydration between the functions of all the conversion without manual operation, including water, drainage and other processes can be automatically controlled by a program controller. Clothes into the washing machine can be automatically washed, rinsed, Dehydration, complete automatically. When clothes dry, the buzzer will make a noise. The automatic washing machine is mostly a bucket washing machine, that is, laundry bucket and bucket set together. There is an advanced microcomputer automatic washing machine with sensors. With artificial intelligence, it can automatically choose the best procedure for washing according to the quantity, type and degree of dirt.

Classification according to the structure of washing machine

(1) Wheel washing machine: a corrugated wavy wheel is arranged at the center of the bottom of the bucket, in which the liquid forms a spiral vortex current in the bucket as the wheel rotates. The main advantages of this washing machine are short washing time, high cleanliness, adjustable water level, variety, suitable for washing cotton, hemp, fiber and blended fabrics. The performance of the new large wave wheel and new water washing machine is obviously improved.

(2)Drum type washing machine: the drum type washing machine is a barrel device, the inner barrel is a cylindrical horizontal cylinder, the cylinder has three or four convex edges. When the drum rotates around the axis, it drives the clothes to roll over and repeatedly falls into the washing liquid. In order to achieve the purpose of washing. The roller washing machine, according to the location of the clothes, can be divided into top type and side type. Its advantage is that the washing action is softer, the wear to the clothing is less, and the water consumption and detergent are less. It is suitable for washing wool fabric. But the machine structure is complex, the washing degree is low, the electricity consumption is large, and the price is high.

(3)A vertical vertical shaft placed in the center of a vertical laundry bucket, on which a paddle is mounted. The rotation of the shaft causes clothing to be stirred continuously in the washing fluid. To achieve the purpose of washing, this washing machine is like the kneading of manual washing, with uniform force, small wear, large washing capacity and long washing time, complicated structure and high selling price.

(4)The washing container of the jet washing machine is a vertical bucket, but the wavy wheel is mounted on the side wall of the barrel. After the motor starts, the wavy wheel on the side wall produces a strong flow of water to throw, throw, rub, and wash the clothes in the washing liquid. It is characterized by short washing time, easy washing of dirt, simple structure of the machine and less trouble. However, because of the intense water flow, the clothes are easily twisted together, so the washing is uneven, and the damage to the clothes is more serious. The liquid splashes easily when washing.