Industrial washing machines are affected by external factors in their natural state

- Dec 18, 2018-

1, industrial washing machine when washing clothes

When checking the pulsator of the industrial washing machine, it was found that the pulsator position was too high. It was found that there were too many shims under the pulsator, resulting in a high pulsator assembly position. First loosen the fastening screw in the middle of the pulsator, then unload the pulsator, the pulsator can not be removed. Try a strap, from the gap between the washing wheel of the industrial washing machine and the washing tub, straighten the strap to the center of the bottom of the pulsator, then grab the two ends of the strap and pull it up to remove the pulsator. . After removing the pulsator, remove the two shims and install the pulsator. The directional position of the pulsator is obviously reduced, the gap is reduced, the boot test, the washing machine no longer clips the clothes, and the fault is eliminated.


2, the washing process of industrial washing machine does not work, the dehydration operation is normal


According to the analysis of the fault phenomenon, the electrical circuit may be faulty. The industrial washing machine washing timer and the washing motor M1 were inspected, and it was found that the winding of the washing motor M1 was broken, and at the same time, the fuse FU was also blown. After the washing motor M1 and the fuse FU were replaced, the power was turned on, and it was found that the washing operation speed was low. After the power is turned off, the hand touches the washing motor M1, and it is found that the temperature rise is too fast, and the electric timer, the forward rotation and the reverse contact dance contact sticking phenomenon are checked, and the circuit wiring is not abnormal.

The washing capacitor C1 was removed, and it was found that the capacitor C1 was effective. Replace the capacitor C1, start the test, the industrial washing machine works normally, and the fault is eliminated.


3, industrial washing machine, water leakage at the bottom of the dewatering bucket


Remove the rear cover of the washing machine, check the various parts of the washing machine, and find that the dehydration motor of the industrial washing machine is very humid, there are water drops on the upper part of the motor, and the motor casing is rusted. Suspend the drain pipe, add some water to the dewatering bucket, and turn the coupling by hand to slowly rotate it, and find that the water flows down the flange shaft. Put down the drain pipe, drain the water in the dewatering bucket, remove the dewatering inner bucket and the dewatering seal ring. It is found that the oil-impregnated bearing of the industrial washing machine is seriously worn and the radial clearance becomes large, causing water leakage. Replace the oil bearing and reassemble the parts. Start-up test, industrial washing machine works normally, troubleshooting.