Industrial washing machine common faults and solutions

- Dec 18, 2018-

Industrial washing machine is one of the main laundry equipment in the laundry industry. It not only saves time, saves electricity, but also saves consumables. Although the washing machine is relatively simple, it has its own characteristics and fault rules. Knowing this knowledge can make our laundry more convenient. Convenient and saving inspection time.

1, industrial washing machines can not enter the water

First check if there is any dirt at the end of the inlet valve. If it is not, it indicates that there is a problem with the circuit. First check the inlet valve for damage. If not, the computer board may be damaged or damaged. In this case, replace the new one. Water valve.

2, industrial washing machine equipment can not drain

The industrial washing machine equipment is drained. If it is not possible to drain, first check the drain valve. If the washing machine equipment cannot be drained due to the drain valve problem, then we should replace the drain valve. To replace the drain valve, we must first close the tubes. When the spring is loose, the lower fixing screw should be loosened, and it can be replaced. When the replacement is made, it is necessary to find the same type and the same type of replacement to eliminate the fault. It is also possible that the drain pipe is blocked. At this time, it must be cleaned up quickly.

3, there is a problem with heating

When encountering this kind of situation, the easiest thing is to put a little water out to measure the water temperature. If the water temperature is enough, then it can be determined that the temperature control switch is invalid, and the other is that its water is always heating, we will Measure whether there is voltage at both ends. If it is not, then there is a problem with this programmer and the supplier. If the measurement is available, look at the heating wire for failure. It is also possible that the steam valve is damaged and the steam valve needs to be replaced.

4, industrial washing machine equipment control surface switch failure: such as water level selection switch, we can take a look at whether the loss of function caused by poor contact, if we can replace it can also be used to clean.

5, industrial washing machine equipment can enter the water but does not start

First of all, we have to confirm whether it has been draining water, and it has not reached the amount of water, which makes it impossible to start. Secondly, check if the water level switch is in good condition, and if it is caused by the failure of the water control switch, it cannot be started.

6, industrial washing machine equipment laundry powerless

Industrial washing machine equipment turns into a standard capacity washing when it is weak. First of all, it is necessary to check the motor components, whether there is a phenomenon of single-phase damage of the capacitor, and secondly, the focus is on the pulley, whether the belt is loose or not.

7, the computer can not be displayed, first eliminate the poor contact of the power supply; check the circuit for short circuit, replace the same capacity fuse.