The details should not be ignored in summer washing machine tube mold cleaning

- Mar 27, 2018-

Studies have shown that after the new washing machine has been in use for five months, the mold in the inner barrel has increased more rapidly than before, especially in the first floor of the building, where there is more mold in the washing machine. Households who use laundry every day are more likely to grow germs than those who use washing machines once a few days. Washing machines that are opened after washing clothes are about 40 fewer germs than those that do not. The environment inside the washing machine is warm and humid, and after a few days of sitting idle, The more time you use, the more molds will grow inside. If you use a mildew washing machine for a long time, you will easily lead to cross-infection, leading to all kinds of skin diseases. You should wash the washing machine regularly.

I. Professional detergents

1 . Put the drain pipe of the washing machine on an empty bucket ( to have a certain height ) , close the water inlet valve and the front door .

2 . The water used in the three - water kettle is poured into an empty container by using a descaling agent ( the market is available ) , and is prepared and stirred evenly according to the ratio of the descaling agent / water = l / 2 .

3. Open the detergent add box and pour the mixed detergent solution from the detergent additive box. Be careful not to splash onto the skin.

4. Press the power switch of the washing machine to set the program to "laundry procedure" (select the longest length of time to rotate the laundry drum; after the scale remover is discharged from the drain pipe into the barrel, add the removed scale liquid from the detergent addition box, so that it is repeated over and over again, Until the program is finished, open the filter to clean the filter.

5.After the machine is finished, the inlet valve is opened and the drain pipe is restored to the original position. Re-select the laundry procedure, make the washing machine run again, wait for the procedure to run and clean the filter again. At this point, the scale removal and cleaning is completed.

II. Common materials can also be cleaned

Can not buy professional cleaning agent, can use vinegar, disinfectant and other disinfectant with sterilization efficacy to replace, the method is as obvious as above.

III. High temperature disinfection of wavy washing machines

In addition to using the soil cleaning method of the roller, the wave turbine can also use high temperature hot water to run the whole washing process regularly, which can also sterilize and sterilize. However, when cleaning up the drainage, we should pay attention to the water temperature. In addition, many home appliance cleaning companies are also starting to introduce a wave wheel washing machine to disassemble the deep cleaning service. At present, the service price learned by the World wide Home Appliances Network reporter is about 200 yuan. Interested friends may wish to try it.