Improper use of washing machines can also be irritating

- Apr 14, 2018-

The main causes of the fire in the washing machine are as follows: first, flammable products such as volatile gasoline, alcohol and banana water are used to wash clothes, which are fully mixed with air in a rotating tank at high speed.When a certain concentration of mixed gas is formed, the electrostatic spark produced by friction when the washing machine parts are running can cause the washing machine to explode and catch fire.Secondly, the washing machine is overloaded, which causes the motor to keep heating up to a certain temperature, and causes the motor to catch fire.Finally, steam, condensate or sparkling water is the main reason for the electrical system insulation of washing machine to cause short circuit or breakdown fire.

Officers and soldiers of the fire brigade remind the public to read the product instructions carefully before using the washing machine, and the washing machine should be placed on the flat ground.Put the washing machine in a dry, ventilated place without combustible material.Before using the washing machine, the ground wire should be connected well to prevent electric leakage and protect personal safety.Washing machine should be equipped with a special socket, wash after a period of time to "rest" for a while, not use ,to cut off the power.Check your pockets to see if you have keys, knives, coins and other items before putting them in the washing machine.It is strictly prohibited to immediately wash clothes that have been wiped by flammable liquids such as gasoline into the washing machine.Do not pour gasoline into the washing machine for oil removal.Do not leave when using the washing machine, once the motor is jammed, quickly cut off the power supply, timely "health check" to prevent leakage, short-circuit fire.

The weight of the washing clothes shall not exceed the rated capacity of the washing machine, otherwise the motor may be damaged due to overloading.After the power supply, if the motor does not turn, it should be immediately outage check, troubleshooting after use, if the timer, bad switch contact should stop using.Always check that the insulation layer of the power lead of washing machine is in good condition. If it has been broken, aged or cracked, it should be replaced in time.Always check whether the washing machine is leaking, if any, stop using and repair as soon as possible.