How to solve the problem of water in the automatic washing machine?

- Dec 02, 2019-

a, In general, the inlet valve spool is stuck and cannot be reset after the power is turned on, resulting in continuous water inflow. In this case, replace the inlet valve first;

b, if the fault is not resolved, the problem lies in the water level switch. When the water level switch is used for a long time, the water level switch can stop entering the water, which causes the water level to stop flowing. At this time, the water level switch should be replaced;

c. If the pressure tube is broken due to wear and tear over a long period of time, or if the pressure tube is in poor contact with the water level switch and the outer gas valve, or the air leaks, it may cause water to enter more than one, because the computer board is under pressure, the water level switch does not work The misunderstanding is that the water level is not stopped. At this time, the pressure pipe should be checked for wear and tear, and the two joints for poor contact or disconnection.

d. Due to the use of a long time, there is a foreign matter blocking the mouth of the gas nozzle, which can not transmit the pressure to the pressure switch. At this time, the large nut should be unscrewed, then take out the inner barrel, and remove the foreign material blocking the gas nozzle.

e. If everything is invalid, you should try to replace the computer board, because all actions are controlled by the computer board.