How to replace the computer board in the semi-automatic washing machine

- Apr 29, 2019-

1. First check the safety switch, the semi-automatic washing machine is turned on to the dehydration state, and the safety switch brake arm is pressed to the minimum by hand or tool. If the computer board alarms and the digital tube displays “E1”, the safety switch should be replaced at this time. Or computer board.
2. If the safety switch brake arm is pressed normally by hand or tool, the power off distance of the safety switch is already low. At this time, the safety switch should be replaced.
3. If in the dehydrated state, only the pulsator turns and the inner tub does not rotate, check whether the tractor has separated the pawl and the ratchet of the clutch. If it is not possible that the adjusting lever nut on the drain valve is loose and worn, it will open. The distance is not enough. In this case, the distance of the adjustment lever should be re-adjusted so that the clutch pawl and the ratchet can be separated.
4. Check whether the clothes in the barrel are placed with a single side, and the dewatering and shaking are very loud and murmur. At this time, the cover should be opened to evenly place the clothes.