How to remove dirt from washing machine? This little trick is in place.

- Mar 30, 2018-

Today, we will show you how to clean up the washing machine without much fanfare.

White vinegar with soda, bacteria nowhere to hide

Baking soda and white vinegar are the main detergents for washing machines. Baking soda is made of sodium bicarbonate, which has the effect of cleaning and deodorizing. It also softens the water quality and avoids calcium in the water. Magnesium ion and the soap remaining in the laundry bath form insoluble soap-scale, which is deposited in the laundry tank. The acidic action of white vinegar has the function of natural sterilization.

1. Prepare proper amount of white vinegar and baking soda

The two match each other better;

2, cleaning

First fill the washing machine with water, place a glass of baking soda in 100-120 grams, rest for 0.5 hours-1 hour, then rotate for about 5 minutes, dry the water, then fill with water and rotate for about 5 minutes;

3, sterilization

Fill the washing machine with water, pour in 4 cups of white vinegar, switch the mode to maximum power and maximum temperature. After a routine washing, set still for about an hour.

While waiting, you can clean the top of the washing machine by dipping a little hot vinegar with an ultra-fine wipe cloth, and using an old toothbrush to clean the sink of the detergent, then open the washing machine again for a washing process, and basically the cleaning is over.

In this way, through white vinegar and baking soda, you can easily remove stains.

Bleach decontamination, one step in place

We can also add a suitable amount of bleach, simple and convenient, and bleach must use chlorine bleach.

1, in 40 liters of water, add 300 ml bleach. Adjust to high water level, add bleach to mix well when water is filled.

2.After about 20 minutes, the bleach will thoroughly clean the dirt on the back of the barrel.

3.When dehydration is finished, the bottom of the inner barrel of the washing machine remains dirt, and another water is put in order to drain the dirt thoroughly.

The bleaching agent is simple and practical , and can easily exert detergency .

Of course , many people have questions , saying that white vinegar is acidic , which will not have a corrosive effect on the washing machine ? Is that strong acid such as dilute hydrochloric acid and so on , are these cleaning faster ?

in fact , that acid is too weak to compare with dilute hydrochloric acid , but we cannot remove the stain with dilute hydrochloric acid .

The simple and practical use of household small tricks makes it easy to get rid of the stains of the washing machine . Since then , there is no need to worry about the secondary pollution of clothes , and the health of the family is also guaranteed .