Maintenance of Home Appliances: how to extend the Life of washing Machine

- Jun 20, 2018-

First, check all your pockets before each wash. Check to see if there are coins and other sundries in the clothing pocket, avoid metal items wear washing machine inner cylinder or jam the corrugated wheel, cause motor overload and burn out.

Secondly, the capacity of each washing clothes should not exceed the rated capacity. If too much laundry, not only low cleanliness, but also may cause overload burning motor.

After washing the clothes, thoroughly remove the sewage, then clean the washing machine bucket with clear water, dry the water drop and water inside and outside the washing machine with dry cloth, and put it in the dry ventilation place.

Also, when cleaning washing machine surface, do not use strong alkali, gasoline, olefins and hard brush, clean filter, drainage pipes do not use hard utensils.

Finally, in the use of security aspects can not be ignored. The metal and electrical parts of the washing machine are insulated. When the washing machine is not used for a long time, it should not be placed in a wet environment. When using the washing machine, we must pay attention to ensure that the performance of socket ground wire is safe and good.