Changing clothes at high temperatures in summer How to deal with the smell inside the washing Machine

- May 05, 2018-

Natural air drying When the washing machine is finished, it should be opened to allow it to dry naturally. If the washing machine is closed, it will leave the inside of the washing machine in a damp environment, which is more likely to produce bacteria.

Clean inner barrel Before we wash our clothes, we can clean the bottom of the inner barrel by opening the washing machine without putting the clothes in, opening the washing machine to the bottom of the tank, and then cleaning the bottom of the inner barrel, and then wiping the inside barrel around with a bit of disinfectant with a wet cloth to finish the cleaning work. Finally, there will be grooves in some washing machines.

Use of cleaning agents Now many ecommerce websites have washing machine cleaning agent products for users to use. In the process of using washing machine cleaning agent products, we only need to pour the cleaning agent into the barrel and then wash-soak and clean according to the cleaning requirements.

Washing machine self-cleaning Many drum washing machines will be equipped with self-cleaning features, because the drum washing machine can not handle the internal residual details for a long time, so there will be a feature to make it easier for users to clean up the washing machine.