How to buy washing machine to prevent flickering?You'll know after you've seen it.

- Apr 16, 2018-

1. The appearance of the product is important, but it must be in line with the family styleIn the store, many salespeople will begin with the appearance of the product.If the appearance of the product used what piano paint ah, the use of champagne gold ah, and so on.In fact, we should firmly buy their own products, and then according to their preferences and budgets, of course, also consider the decoration style of the family, to buy the style and appearance of the color, there is no need to pay for the bright shape and color.2, buy, want to be able to bear.Many friends to the market, often by a wide variety of goods to see the eye.In fact, the desire to buy was not much, but after listening to the sales promotion, their confidence began to waver. Then the promoters would tell you when the special price of this product would be, and it would end in these two days.If you don't buy, you won't get a chance.So at this time, must endure, so that will not be in consciousness under the impulse to buy the product and regret.

3, the new function is not necessarily the most perfect.

The new function is a highlight of many businesses to attract the attention of consumers, but consumers have to personally experience a new function is not to make you satisfied. Because a lot of time, the new function may not be perfect, needs to be improved in many hardware and software. But in order to grab the business promotion opportunities, will be released in advance to do a consumer gimmick.

4, products, stores to compare more.When buying home appliances, consumers can visit a few more, all as if they want to buy immediately to bargain prices, and then prices can be reduced to the lowest as a reference, which market is the cheapest, do have a clear idea.5, do not pay for additional services.Some household appliances are quite special. For example, air conditioners and washing machines have to be accompanied by installation requirements when they are delivered to their homes. At this time, it is necessary to understand that the installation of these appliances will be free of charge and under what circumstances will the charges be charged.Don't wait until the installation to discover that many items are subject to additional fees to make their own purchase unhappy.