Health washing Guide: is the ozone sterilization of washing machines reliable?

- Apr 07, 2018-

The ozone in the washing machine is generated by the ozone generator, installed at the bottom of the washing machine, and the resulting ozone is introduced into the washing water.Because ozone is soluble in water, the washing water can be changed into ozone water to achieve the bactericidal function of washing clothes.

1. Kill and sterilize.When the concentration of ozone water is at 0.1~0.2mg/L, it can be sterilized, and when it reaches 0.4mg/L, it can kill virus, and its sterilization rate is more than 1000 times that of chlorine gas.2, deodorizationOzone can make the substances which are difficult to decompose on the washing matter into easily decomposed substances, improve flocculation, and thoroughly remove the odour of clothing.The oxygen produced by ozone decomposition in water still has strong oxidation and decomposition ability, which can change and oxidize inorganic and organic matter in water, enhance the decontamination ability of detergent, and improve washing machine cleanliness.Tip: ozone has bactericidal effect, but its strong oxidation can make colored clothes discolored, so don't wash dark clothes in the washing machine with ozone sterilization for too long, otherwise the clothes will slowly lose color and ugly.