four trick remove yellow stains make up for the washing machine's lack

- Jun 14, 2018-

Step 1. Scouring rice water to remove yellow

A lot of people know about the life of rice water.

Rice+ water = panning rice water, and then clothes soaked in rice water, overnight, yellowish clothes turned white on the completion!

Why can panning rice water do? Because Amoy rice water contains alkaloids, can effectively remove yellow.

Personally feel, this kind of method is to like me a person lives and does not cook the main child, panning rice water is really inconvenient to get, go to supermarket to buy rice now not say, the focal point is, buy rice just to want to wash rice water, washed rice does not cook. Do you want to be so wasteful?

Step 2. White vinegar salt yellowing method

Some of the things to use in this way are: warm water, salt, soap, white vinegar

Specific operation: the salt is poured into clear water, after stirring evenly, wet clothes, wash with soap again, at this time must add appropriate amount of white vinegar, after soaking 10 minutes, have a kind of feeling that take clothing to cook dish?

Its principle is: White vinegar can remove alkaline sweat stains. The things used in this way are very easy to buy and keep, I think more convenient. And, it's a fun feeling.

Step 3. Scald yellow method

This way, more like cooking than before, opened fire!

First of all, add appropriate amount of salt to water, fire, boil, turn off the fire, put clothes in, hot wash, remember to use chopsticks, ha, don't burn your hands, for your little white life, my heart is really very thin and broken, ah. If you don't say a word, you won't have common sense.

Doesn't it look like you're cooking clothes when you make soup?

Remember to use a special pot ah, do not use a cooking pot, I think that picture, oh.

Just wash it for 10 minutes and take it out.

This method takes advantage of saltwater scouring to effectively dissolve proteases in sweat stains.

Step 4. remove yellow method of spinach water

First, as usual, cook spinach, then remove spinach, leave the soup, then mix with water and a little spinach water, then soak the clothes, soak them for 10 minutes, then wash with soap.

This method is very suitable for the usual cooking partners, when the spinach water waste use, just like panning rice water, if like I do not cook, I think this way is a bit wasteful. And this method than panning rice water trouble, this to fire ah!

Do you think this way, will the white clothes be dyed green?

Spinach water is used because oxalic acid in spinach water dissolves proteins in sweat.