Selecting four elements of basic knowledge of washing Machine to judge quality

- Mar 15, 2018-

Four criteria for judging the quality of washing machines

1. Cleanliness

Washing machine cleanliness is the standard used to determine whether the washing machine can wash clothes clean when washing clothes. Of course, the higher the washing degree, the cleaner the laundry. In the new national "6A" standard, Washing degree will also be an important indicator to judge the washing machine grade.

Second, washing noise

Low noise has become an integral part of a good life and consumers are increasingly demanding for washing machine noise. Many washing machine brands have introduced different proprietary technologies to reduce product noise.

The key component to drive the washing machine is the motor. The high quality motor must run stably and low noise. The internationally recognized motor brand is Emerson from the United States.

III. Expanding functions

To see if a washing machine is capable of doing what it will do for the rest of the year, it usually depends on how well it expands. For example, it is possible to give more elaborate washing care to high-grade fabrics. This is one of the most important features of the washing machine. Look for the washing program selection key on the washing machine panel to see if there is a single "hand wash" function key, this bionics principle can minimize the degree of wear.

IV. Is it easy to operate

All washing procedures, dehydration speed, heating water temperature, rinsing times through intelligent single key operation control of 180 degrees wide angle door, touch electronic keys, ultra-thin fuselage and so on.