Five details that should be paid attention to during the use of washing machinery

- Jan 21, 2019-

At present, washing machines must be indispensable for areas where a large amount of laundry needs to be washed. In the use of washing equipment, a variety of small conditions often occur, in order to reduce the occurrence of faults, we pay attention to the following points in washing clothes:

(1) Before using the washing equipment, the laundry to be washed should be thoroughly inspected. If the clothing is damaged, it is best to choose the hand washing method to avoid further damage under the influence of mechanical force. In addition, check the clothing pocket for debris, coins, etc. If the button of the garment is made of metal, it is best to buckle the button and turn the garment over, thereby reducing the scratching of the washing device and other clothing by the metal button;

(2) The amount of washing clothes should not exceed the specified amount each time using the washing instrument, otherwise the motor of the washing equipment will be faulty due to excessive load, which will affect the service life of the washing equipment;

(3) Water temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of laundry, so we can't ignore this point during the washing process. In general, the optimum washing water temperature is 40 ° C, too high or too low water temperature is not conducive to the washing of clothes;

(4) After each washing of the clothes, a thorough cleaning of the washing apparatus is required. First, it is necessary to drain all the sewage, rinse the washing tub of the washing equipment with clean water, and then wipe the washing tub with a soft rag, and the surface of the washing device also needs to be wiped to ensure the cleaning of the washing device;

(5) The long-term use of washing equipment will inevitably lead to aging of components. For this reason, we should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the washing equipment on a regular basis. If there is a potential failure, it should be repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the washing equipment. .