Common sense of use: machines need to maintain the washing machine use five do not

- Mar 24, 2018-

A lot of beautiful women often do spa, beauty, hair, regular maintenance, but forget to do maintenance and repair of the washing machine at home, it is absolutely important to do so, especially in the wet weather season, Bacteria breed seriously, and summer clothing is directly close to the skin, improper cleaning prone to allergies, infections and other phenomena.

Today, make a summary of the summer washing machine eight do not use, quickly to see if you will make mistakes.

1. Do not cover after use

At the end of each laundry, clean the sewage and clean the washing machine barrel with clean water; dry cloth to dry the water droplets and water inside and outside the washing machine; put the knobs on the operating board and press the buttons back in place; drain the switch to indicate the closed position, Then place in a dry ventilated place.

2. Do not overwash

The quantity of laundry should not exceed the required quantity of washing machine and the quantity of water should not be lower than the mark of the lower line so as to avoid overheating of the motor due to excessive load and the influence of insulation aging on life.

3. Wash water temperature should not be too high

The temperature of washing water should not be too high, generally at 40 ℃, and the highest temperature should not exceed 60 ℃.

4. Do not use irritant liquids when cleaning

Do not use strong alkali, gasoline, alkene and hard brush when washing washing machine, clean filter net, do not use hard appliance when draining pipe.

5. Do not leak metal buckles

Remove coins, sundries and metal buttons from your pockets before washing, and turn them over so that metal buttons are not exposed so as to prevent metal and other hard objects from damaging the washing drums and corrugated wheels.