Troubleshooting common faults of drum washing machine to solve small problems

- Mar 31, 2018-

In our daily life will encounter many problems, although some difficult problem, but there are also some problems in our own moving hands can be solved. Drum washing machine and we often use it, often noisy, the machine cannot start, cannot drain phenomenon. So today I came to tell you some of the drum washing machine common problems and solutions, come and see.

1. Why does the washing machine vibrate so loudly?Possible causes: no transport bolts or packages were removed during installation;No adjustment of the bottom of the fuselage adjust the foot, the fuselage is uneven; the amount of laundry is too small.Second, why did the machine fail to boot?Possible causes: door not closed; power not plugged in; "booking" procedure selectedThird, why do you drain water while you are washing?Possible cause: some washing machines with drainage, if the end of the drain is too low, it may occur.The only way is to raise the end of the drain.4. Why can't the washing end drain?Possible causes: the drain pipe is squeezed, the drain pipe is blocked, the function selection is wrong, and the clothing distribution in the tube is uneven.