What about clogging the washing machine? Figure out the reason, fix it.

- May 23, 2018-

I. Drain pipe is too high Solution: outlet should be lower than washing machine, so that normal drainage, otherwise there may be stagnant water. II. Drain pipe distortion Keep the drainpipe open to allow the washing machine to drain properly. Solution: rearrange or replace drain pipes. III. Slow drainage It may be that the drain valve spring is not strong enough to open the spool because the drain port is too high. Solution: can be put low drain outlet, replace the spring, solve the problem. IV. Open the back cover of the washing machine to check if the drain valve pullout is off and that the valve pull or drain rod is blocked by breakage. V. Check that drain filters and valves are blocked by debris, causing slow or even undrained drainage. It is possible that the dirty substance of the clothes blocked the drain. Solution: remove drainage filter cleaning, flush the drain with water and remove debris from the drain valve.

VI. If there is a failure in the drainage of the automatic washing machine, select the washing machine program to start after a single dehydration program, and listen to whether the drain electromagnet has a "snap" sound. If there is a sound of suction, it indicates that the drain electromagnet is normally sucked and may be blocked by the drain valve; the drain valve spring falls off or rusts and breaks, and the damaged parts need to be cleaned and replaced. If the drainage electromagnet does not attract sound, then should open the back cover board to check whether the drainage electromagnet plug off? If it falls off, it can be used after reinsertion. If not, the multimeter can be used to measure the resistance of the two ends of the drain electromagnet. If the resistance value is infinite or less than 30 ohms, the drain electromagnet is broken and short circuit should be replaced. If the operation is not normal after replacement, it may cause the failure of the program controller due to the burning of the drain electromagnet, and the degree controller should be overhauled.