Water or electricity saving? Buying washing machines is really easy.

- Jun 05, 2018-

  1. In power consumption, the washing machine has low power when washing, but it takes a long time. Nowadays, many drum washing machines have heating and drying functions, which increases the power consumption of washing machines. The power of the wavy washing machine is higher, but the washing time is shorter, generally about 40 minutes, less electricity consumption than the drum washing machine.

2. In the aspect of water consumption, because the washing drum is to use the positive and reverse rotation of the inner cylinder, the clothes are lifted by lifting bars, and the washing is simulated by hand washing, which can save water effectively. In addition, the drum washing machine has a variety of water-saving functions, such as self-inspection of clothing, can save water effectively. The washing machine depends on the high-speed running of the wave wheel eddy current impact clothing, water demand. Generally speaking, the drum washing machine is about 40-50% of the wave wheel.

3, in the area of occupation, the top open drum washing machine occupies the smallest area, about 0.24 square meters, other drum type and wave wheel washing machine occupies the same area. Recently, the ultra-thin product that launches one after another saves space accordingly.