Analysis of the reasons for industrial washing machine shutdown

- Jan 21, 2019-

In daily life, people may not have much contact with large washing machines, but household washing machines are different. Many people have encountered sudden shutdowns of washing machines. Most people have headaches for such unexpected situations. In fact, industrial washing machines occasionally have such small problems. The principle of these faults is no different from whether it is a domestic washing machine or a large industrial washing machine. So what is the reason for the downtime? How can we eliminate these faults?

1. It is the overload protection or over-current of the industrial washing machine inverter, under-voltage protection, overload protection means that when the industrial washing machine inverter is overloaded, the overload protection will be started. So what happens to overload protection? Generally speaking, if the capacity of the laundry exceeds the rated capacity, if the torque of the motor is not enough, an overload will occur. At this time, the inverter will overload and protect the motor, for example: 50KG automatic industrial washing machine, the maximum capacity is only 50KG, how to reach 70KG, the overload protection will occur, so the washing machine will stop washing. Over-current, under-voltage protection is the protection of the inverter in the event of overcurrent or undervoltage, stopping the motor and stopping the washing machine.

2. It is a computer board program problem: In some cases, if there is a problem with the program of the industrial washing machine computer board, there will be a stop phenomenon. This is the reason to reset the computer board program.

3. It is a motor fault: If the automatic industrial washing machine stops, the most direct performance is that the motor is faulty. The motor stops rotating. The washing machine will not work. The washing machine motor will malfunction. In addition to the protection of the inverter, there will be other motors. s reason. The sealing of the motor is not good. If water enters the motor, a short circuit will occur, so that the short circuit protector will start protection and disconnect the circuit.

When operating an industrial washing machine, if there is an occasional stoppage, you do not need to check, check whether the inverter is overloaded. If an overload occurs, carefully analyze the cause of the overload and solve the fault. If there is frequent downtime, you should pay attention to it, not only to analyze the computer board, but also to check if the motor is faulty.